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10 Facts about food that you probably already knew.

The hunger system is one of the core parts to Minecraft. It’s easy enough to understand, if you don’t eat, you die. Well, at least, depending on what difficulty you are on. Here are 10 fun facts about food and the hunger system! Spoiler alert, you probably already know all these.

  1. You can only starve to death on Hard mode. On easy mode, it will stop once you get to half health. On normal mode, it will stop when the player is at half a heart.
  2. Raw chicken has a 30% chance to give you food poisoning. Rotten flesh has an 80% chance to give you food poisoning.
  3. The hunger system was officially added in the 1.8 beta version. Responses to this was mixed.
  4. Before that, food gave you health, not hunger. You also could not stack food.
  5. Food was also given an eating animation, instead of just disappearing.
  6. The individual icons for the hunger bar are supposedly drumsticks. From the detail, it looks like the drumsticks are also raw, indicated by the red on the top.
  7. The food with the most total health regenerated is cake, which restores 2 hunger for each slice. In total, eating a full cake gives you 12 hunger.
  8. However, the food with the most saturation is the golden carrot with 14.4 saturation. For comparison, steak has 12.8 saturation.
  9. The food with the lowest saturation is the pufferfish and clownfish with only 0.2 saturation.
  10. Hunger regenerates on Peaceful mode.

The more you know! Or maybe you already knew it, and that’s fine too. Sign up to MinecraftPlaza.com to get more facts like these, that pretty much everybody knows. Have fun with your food!

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