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Building Trees

Ah…trees. Truly, the most important part of Minecraft builds. They make landscapes more natural, and they make builds seem…better! However, you can’t always use the default trees, presented in the game. Sometimes, they are too small, or they aren’t detailed enough for your tastes. That’s what this article is for! (yay!!!) Here, I shall list out a bunch of trees that you can include in your build, or use as a basis for your own trees! Later on, I can include a link to some world-edit schematics of the trees I made, so you can copy and paste them into your world.

Oak Trees: Most people, especially new builders, use oak trees as the primary decoration for their builds. However, the one presented in the game are…underwhelming. They still look nice, but there isn’t much variety. So, here are a few versions if you are looking for a better looking Oak tree:

To make good oak trees, you’ll need to make the actual branches out of logs, and the trunks 3 by 3 blocks wide(without the corners). Roots usually will make them look better, but only if you need them. Oak trees are usually pretty big and “poofy”(for lack of a better term). The leaves are also usually pretty low on the trunk, and you will need to build accordingly. This design pictured has a trunk 8 blocks high, but you can definitely size it up or down however you want. (By the way, sorry for the sudden change in resource packs. I’ll be using default from now on.)



If you build them right, they can actually be pretty versatile. You want an apple tree? Stick some apple heads on it; instant apple tree! You want a willow tree? Make it a bit taller and the leaves lower, instant willow tree! (Okay, it’s not that simple, and I’ll elaborate on that later.) The point is, you can use these oak trees for a lot of things, but obviously, you might need some variety.

Birch Trees:

Birch trees are usually pretty thin, both in leaves and trunk, and have leaves high on the trunk. This one was pretty tricky, because there were many, many ways to do birch trees, some even pretty similar to the oak. Obviously, birch trees are NOT oaks, so I had to mix up the style a bit. I ended up with three types. Tiny, Small, and Large. These ones might actually be too short, so you can extend them.







Spruce Trees:

Spruce trees are pretty similar to pines and the like, at least in Minecraft. Most people model them off of Christmas trees…and I do too HERE’S MY VERSION OF THE TIMELESS SPRUCE TREE!






More trees to come!


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