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How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft.

Diamonds. One of the most important materials in the game of Minecraft. Diamonds have a reputation of being super rare, but if you know how to find them, it’s actually pretty easy. Here is a quick tutorial on how to mine for diamonds, or at least the way that I do it. It might not work flawlessly, and it’s only one of the many methods you can use. However, it’s proven time and time again to be effective, so give it a try! It even works for getting other ores.

Materials needed:

  • 4 Iron Pickaxes
  • a stack of torches
  • Food
  • If playing on Easy or higher, a weapon and a set of armor

Step 1:

Dig a staircase down to level 11. This way, you won’t fall straight down into lava or a cave. Make sure to place torches on the sides so you have adequate light.


Step 2:

Once you get to level 11, start digging a tunnel straight into the side. The reason that we dig at level 11 is because lava is on level 10. If you dig at 10 or lower, you’ll most likely burn to death, because the lava will be coming from above you. To check your level, just press F3. When you do that, there will be a lot of text, including the X/Y/Z coordinates. The Y (center) is your level.


Step 3:

Continuing from the previous step, dig 3 blocks into the side of the wall in a straight line. Place a torch.


Step 4:

Dig one more block, and dig into a straight line on both sides, as far as you can reach. (Sorry for the screenshot text hehe)


Step 5:

Repeat. Dig three blocks, place torch, dig holes. Do until you find diamond.


Step 6:

Once you do, dig out the diamonds. Make sure to check around for diamonds that you might have not seen!


Step 7:

Done! Repeat as much as you like to get more diamonds! Enjoy!



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