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How to Install a Plugin for a Spigot Server.

Installing a plugin for a Spigot Server is as easy as counting 1,2,3. These simple steps will help your reach your goal.

Step 1:
Download the plugin you want to have on your server. Be sure that it is a .jar type of file or the plugin will not work.

Step 2:
Locate the folder of your server.

Step 3:
Once you are in the folder of the spigot server, look for the plugins folder.

Step 4:
Copy the plugin into the folder.

Step 5:
Run / reload your server, join it, and do /plugins to confirm that the plugin is in your server.

See? It’s only 5 steps. Not as hard as you might of thought right?

If you are still having trouble installing a plugin for your server, watch this informative video by LBEGaming.

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