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How To Install OptiFine for 1.9/1.8.

OptiFine is an amazing tool for gamers that play Minecraft. It speeds up your FPS (frames per second) which makes the game smoother to play. Almost everyone uses this tool for Minecraft and you should too.

Step 1:
Go to the downloads page of OptiFine. (http://optifine.net/downloads)

Step 2:
Click on the download link next to the version you would like to use OptiFine for. It well then redirect you to an ad-fly link (their way of making money). You will have to wait 5 – 10 seconds.
Step 3:
After you are redirected, click on Download OptiFine_x.x.x_HD_U_xx.jar

Step 4:
Go to your downloads folder, and double click on the file you just downloaded.

Step 5:
After you double-click the file, a small box will pop-up, and click on “Install”.

Step 6:
Launch Minecraft.

Step 7:
On the bottom left corner, click on “Edit Profile”.

Step 8:
Go to use version, and select OptiFine.

Step 9:
Launch Minecraft.

There you have it! You can now boost your FPS and OptiFine also comes with a bundle of other features as well!

If you didn’t understand the tutorial completely, you can watch this video to help you on your way! Credits to NicsGames for this video, as this is not ours.

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