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How to make and use TNT in Minecraft.

Okay, TNT isn’t the most effective weapon for survival out there, nor is it the most useful item. However, in multiplayer mode, they make for a pretty entertaining method for killing your fellow Minecraft players. Here is a quick tutorial on how you can craft TNT, along with a simple tutorial on how it operates.

Step 1:

To make a single block of TNT, you’ll need four sand. Go to a beach or a desert, or just anywhere with sand. Mine 4 sand.


Step 2:

Kill creepers to obtain 5 gunpowder. Be careful! It’s best to have some armor and weapons to kill creepers, and do it far from your base.


Step 3:

Craft the sand and gunpowder into TNT.
Step 4:



There are two ways to light TNT. The first is to place the TNT like a normal block, then right click with flint and steel. The second is to power the TNT using redstone, such as a torch or using a redstone path, or using a lever, etc. You can make many traps with TNT, so we’ve included a few tutorials on that as well. (The first one isn’t exactly a trap, but it’s still very interesting) They are all of varying difficulty, so you can do whichever one that will work best! Credit to the respective video creators.

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