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How to make bows and arrows in Minecraft.

A bow is the only (effective)ranged weapon available to a Minecraft player, at least at the moment. It’s also quite important to have one on hand, because you never know when you’ll need to fight an enemy who you’d rather not get close to. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to make a bow and a stack of arrows. On a side note, yes you can get these from killing skeletons. However, unless you’re a seasoned Minecraft player with diamond armor and sword, capable of taking down hordes of monsters etc etc etc, the easiest bet is probably making it from scratch. All you’ll need is some basic armor and at least a stone sword. Of course, it’s much better to have iron gear, but this is the bare minimum.

Part 1, gathering materials.

Step 1:

Find a tree and break at least 4 logs.


Step 2:

Find some chickens.


Step 3:

Kill chickens and get feathers, until you have 16 feathers.


Step 4:

Find a source of gravel, and break enough to get 16 flint.


Step 5;

Wait until nighttime, and kill spiders until you have 3 string.


Part 2, assembly.

Step 1:

Craft all logs into wood.


Step 2:

Use 4 wood to make crafting table. Place crafting table.


Step 3:

Craft rest of wood into sticks.


Step 4:

Make bow by using three sticks and three string. You now have a bow.


Step 5:

Make arrows by using 16 flint, 16 feathers, and 16 sticks. You now have a stack of arrows.


And there you go! A ranged weapon for the survival minecrafter. Remember that you can also enchant bows, making them even more powerful(A tutorial will be made on how to make a fully powered enchanting table. Link will be posted as soon as created.)


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