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How To Make Bread In Minecraft.

Who doesn’t want do have some good o’l bread in Minecraft? If you’re one of those people, this should clarify how to do so.

Step 1:
Gather seeds by destroying grass.

Step 2:
Use a hoe to till the grass (the grass has to be next to water). You have to right click the grass to till it, with of course, the hoe in your hand.

Step 3:
Right click with seed in hand on the tilled dirt/grass.

Step 4:
Remove/destroy the wheat, be sure to destroy it at the right stage.

Step 5:
Repeat Steps 1-5 until you have a total of 3 wheat.

Step 6:
Collect 1 piece of any type of wood.

Step 7:
Use that piece of wood to craft a crafting table.

Step 8:
Craft the piece of bread & there you have it. You have now know how to create bread and have learned how to farm crops. Enjoy the delicious bread!

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