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Tanking Vs Kiting(PvP strategies)


PvP and PvM, or Player vs Player and Player vs Mob, is a central part of any Minecraft experience. However, everyone’s strategy is different; some like to use close-range archery, others like to block and hit at the same time, etc. With the new 1.9 update nearing, its about time …

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What is the Ideal Farm?

Wheat farms tend to be the main source of food(bread) for survival players. There are quite a few variables to it, including lighting and irrigation. To be honest, I never really think about efficiency when making a farm in survival. For most people, it’s just to put down a bit …

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Tips to Surviving in Hardcore


Minecraft’s Hardcore Mode is the infamous survival variant, which deletes your world upon your death, and is constantly on the “Hard” difficulty. It’s important to know how to take it on, before you jump right in. This is just a small list of tips and tricks, so if they don’t …

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