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16W14A has been released!

The 1.9.x snapshot 16W14A has just been released on April 7, 2016! This snapshot is mostly for fixing bugs, and does not add much. Most people are probably wondering why there are no snapshots for Minecraft 1.10. Although 1.10 is currently being worked on, there won’t be any snapshots for …

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Story Mode Skins are here and “Free-ish”


The skins of the Story Mode characters have been released! In total, there are 27 new skins that can be acquired for free until April 12th. With this skin pack, you can take on the likeness of Jesse and the gang for free, but only for a limited time! After that, …

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1.9.1/1.9.2 has been released!


The 1.9.2 (or is it 1.9.1? A bit unclear, unfortunately) update has been released, on March 30, 2016. This new update comes with a few new things, adding on to the elytra and armor. We recommend you check it out for yourself, but here is a list of the major …

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