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Minecraft Story Mode Episode 5 Released!


The fifth episode of Minecraft Story Mode has been released, on March 29, 2016! There was a pretty satisfying conclusion to the last episode, with the Wither Storm and the SPOILERS SPOILERS and the SPOILERS going to SPOILERS. From what we’ve seen, it seems to be a promising episode, filled with …

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Minecraft Mod Spotlight: Inventory Pets

You know what Minecraft needs? Little pixelated pets that live in your hotbar. Well, with Inventory Pets, your long-time wish for tiny pets has finally come true. (I honestly don’t know who wished for that but that’s fine) Inventory Pets are exactly what’s written on the tin: pets in your …

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Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.0


It seems that the PE version of Minecraft is finally getting an update, since Febuary 18th. It’s been a while, and so far, nothing is certain on what or how it will be updated. However, there are a few hints left by the developers. Recently, it was revealed that there …

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