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ad reforged

Resource Pack Review: AD Reforged for 1.9


Blocks: 9/10

Items: 7/10

Particles: 6/10

Mobs: 7/10

Sound: 5/10

General: 7.5/10

(Featured Image does not belong to me. Resource pack + picture created by theVoid1313)As you might or might not know, I’m a total nerd for medieval styled resource packs. AD Reforged, created by theVoid1313, is one of many examples on how to make an RPG medieval pack work. One of my favorite parts of this one is how simplistic everything is. If you take the time to scroll down a bit on resource pack websites, looking at the medieval category, there’s a lot of packs trying to be ultra realistic and/or hyper detailed. Now that’s all fine and good; in fact, I really love those kinds of packs as well. It’s all a matter of personal preference. However, what really drew me into this one was how…game styled it looked, if you get what I mean. It looks like something out of a simplistic platformer, or a rogue-like RPG, or something like that. Even the armor textures, which so many packs fail to get, is done right in this one! They all look different, they aren’t covering the entire body, and they know what detail to give it. (I love the renaming touch, by the way. It’s very good.) So when I finally found this pack, I was super excited. I tested it out, built some things, looked at the mobs…then it became clear that there were a few flaws.

One of the dealbreakers for me with a pack is having missing textures. No, this pack didn’t have any glitches or weird purple-black blocks(seriously what’s up with those things?). But upon further inspection, I saw that there were some textures that were just…default. For example, the fish looks like normal Minecraft fish. The horses look like normal Minecraft horses. It’s just so out of place in this fantasy-esque pack, which is absolutely fantastic in other places. I know I shouldn’t be so harsh on this, especially since there could be more updates in the future, but it’s just a bit distracting.

In general, I really like this pack. Yeah, I know I got pretty angry about the default textures thing, but I do really like how the creator of this pack made a very overused concept: medieval textures, and made it so…simple. It’s honestly one of the best so far that I’ve seen, and trust me. There’s a lot of good ones out there. So in general, I really really recommend this resource pack to anyone interested. It’s fun, its simple, and most of all, it has that unforgettable video game feel.

Link to download page: http://resourcepack.net/ad-reforged-resource-pack/

The map I use to review resource packs is the Kab’s Resource Pack Showcase for 1.9. (link)

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