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Resource Pack Review: Norzeteus Space for 1.9


Blocks: 9/10

Items: 7/10

Particles: 6/10

Mobs: 8/10

Sound: 7/10

General: 8/10

There are countless sci-fi/space themed resource packs out there. I tend to avoid them because they are very similar to each other, with barely any creativity added. Of course, there’s not much to add when making a space themed pack, but still. However, this one is actually okay, for a change. Created by Norzeteus, this resource pack is a bit more detailed and more reasonable than other space themed packs.

The Good: The block textures are very well made. One especially enjoyable change was the stairs to ramps one. When put together into things like adventure maps or even simple creations, it can look very good. There are some 3D effects here and there, but they don’t stand out too much. The mobs well designed. Apparently they’re all robots/aliens. Typical of sci-fi resource packs, but they’re still interesting. Most of the items are also good, with the food being especially fun. It’s not my type, but I can see where it succeeds. This one is probably much better than most sci-fi packs. Kudos.

The Bad: Of course, there’s always bad qualities of resource packs, and this one is no different. First of all, the animal and mob sounds can get very grating. I’m not saying that all of them are bad, but some are just very annoying. If you’re walking around in survival and you hear beep boop vrrrr wya wya, then you’re probably being chased by a mob. Or your computer is malfunctioning. Maybe both. The items can also be a little odd looking, especially the armor and weapons. This resource pack falls into the typical trap of “armor covers entire body and looks weird because of it.”

However, besides all that, I’d actually recommend this resource pack to anyone interested. It’s probably not the best for things like survival, but it would word for sci-fi creation maps and the like. If you’re interested in space themed resource packs, this one might be it.

Link to download page: http://mods.curse.com/texture-packs/minecraft/226590-norzeteus-space-1-9-128×128-ctm-3d-optifine

The map I use to review resource packs is the Kab’s Resource Pack Showcase for 1.9. (link)

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