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Resource Pack Review: NostalgiaCraft Alpha


Blocks: 7/10

Items: 7/10

Particles: 5/10

Mobs: 5/10

Sound: 6/10

General: 8/10

Okay, I’m gonna admit it. I think 1.7 Beta was the best version. Yeah, it’s mostly opinion, and possibly nostalgia, but I’ll explain in a future post, I promise. Right now, let’s get to my most hyped up Resource Pack, NostalgiaCraft, made by 2XMM2. When I saw this resource pack, I was so -EXCIT-ED!!!!! I figured I would love to go down a trip down nostalgia lane, so I downloaded both the Beta and Alpha versions. Okay, good stuff first. I loved the grass, water, lava, and cobblestone. Those were the few things that really irked me when they changed. Again, I’ll explain later. The food was also changed, as it now had an outline around it(yay!) The water made a cool splashing noise when I jumped in it, so extra plus. The sound was really impressive, although it was a bit disappointing that the chest and door sounds somehow didn’t work. (enderchest noises worked though…) However, in general, I really loved this resource pack. It had so many nice nostalgic textures, and I just overall enjoyed it, even though I was disappointed in the sound. I would definitely recommend this pack to anyone who is interested!

Link to download page: http://resourcepack.net/nostalgia-craft-resource-pack/

The map I use to review resource packs is the Kab’s Resource Pack Showcase for 1.9. (link)

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