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Tanking Vs Kiting(PvP strategies)

PvP and PvM, or Player vs Player and Player vs Mob, is a central part of any Minecraft experience. However, everyone’s strategy is different; some like to use close-range archery, others like to block and hit at the same time, etc. With the new 1.9 update nearing, its about time we look at the pros and cons of the two main categories of tactics: Kiting and Tanking.

Kiting is where a player will sprint towards an enemy, hit them a few times, run away, and quickly sprint back to hit them again, repeating until the enemy is dead. There are a few variations, such as circling around the enemy, but kiting is the core strategy.


  • Gives the player a bit of time to heal.
  • Makes it harder for the player to be hit by the enemy.
  • If low on health, the player can just run until they have healed.
  • It annoys the enemy player.
  • Can be used to kill mobs without getting hit.
  • Can be used to kill creepers without getting blown up.


  • Can diminish hunger faster.
  • Harder to do against players with more gear, or players in general, because they could catch up to you when you are running, and just kill you in a few hits.
  • Doesn’t work too well on witches, since they can regenerate.
  • Requires much more effort than tanking, because the player has to constantly be moving.

Tanking is where a player, preferably with at least iron armor, just runs towards the enemy and hits them until they are dead. This is the more common of the two strategies, and for a good reason: you don’t really have to do much, just hit the person. No strategy required!


  • Faster kills.
  • Easier to do.
  • Works well on most mobs.
  • It’s simple and straightforward.


  • You might lose more health.
  • If you don’t have good gear, you’ll get killed quickly.
  • Running towards players with bows isn’t a good idea, especially if they are experienced, and have an enchanted bow.

So which one’s the best? Well, it depends, both on the person, and on the situation. Kiting someone who is trying to tank you is not a good idea, because they’ll hit you before you can run away to regenerate. However, tanking someone who is kiting is not a good idea either, because they could land too many hits on you before you can hit them. It all comes down to how much gear you and the enemy has. Do they have better gear than you? I would suggest a variant of kiting, mentioned earlier, where you circle around the enemy, landing hits, until you sustain significant damage. In that case, most people have this nifty strategy called “running away.” However, if your armor is better, definitely try to tank them, because that’s the best way to kill players with lower stats and gear than you.

In the case of mobs:

Kite – Creepers, Zombies(depending on how much armor you have), Zombie Pigmen, and Blazes.

Tank – Skeletons, Silverfish, Spiders, Witches, Slimes & Magma Cubes, and all passive mobs(do you really need to kite those things?)

Again, these strategies are not for everyone, in fact, for 90% of people, kiting isn’t even an option. However, this is just something to keep in mind, because strategy really is important in all games, even in Minecraft.




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