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Top Five Minecraft Youtube Series

Disclaimer: None of these featured video series are created by me. All of them are owned by their respective owners.

Everybody has a different tastes in Minecraft Youtube videos. Some like to watch the easy-to-understand Let’s Play style of CaptainSparklez and SkyDoesMinecraft, and others enjoy the more complicated Sethbling videos or the ever so popular series that the Yogscast creates. Each one has a unique style to it, but today, I’m going to list down my top five favorite Minecraft Youtube Series. Why top five? Because there aren’t too many good ones out there. Sorry, that was a bit rude to the youtubers. I meant that not all of them are great, they are just average or good.

Most Minecraft series nowadays are pretty generic, but, there are plenty of standouts that still hold up. In order for a series to qualify, it will need at least 5 episodes that are directly linked to each other. I’ll be judging using the same method I would judge a movie or a tv show: humor, scenery, characters, story, and most importantly, creativity. Note that I will not be grading upon popularity, because a popular show isn’t always a good show, and something that is good isn’t always popular. Also, feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt. Everybody likes different series; these are just the ones that pop out to be. So, without further ado, let’s start with…


#5: Minecraft MegaBlocks by Sethbling

Okay, you might be wondering why this is here. Although short and simple, I absolutely adore Sethbling’s videos, and Mega Blocks is no exception. There really isn’t much to it; he’s just making Minecraft blocks at a 16:1 scale, but there’s just this charm to all of his creations. It’s simple, creative, and fun to re-watch over and over again.

#4: The Minecraft Files by ChimneySwift11

Yes, really. The Minecraft Files, created by ChimneySwift11, is a survival building youtube series that lasted for a whopping 6 seasons.(The video that is posted is the season 3 premier, which is the season that started making The Minecraft Files good.) It seems like any generic Minecraft series: Youtuber makes house, youtuber kills stuff, pawn to b4. However, what caught my eye was the fact that it was all over the place. Is it survival? Is it PVP? Is it redstone? Well, after looking through all of the episodes, I can narrow it down to one thing: Survival building. This kind of Minecraft gameplay is very, very rare in the community, especially after the 1.8 beta update, which introduced Creative Mode. However, this series was heavy on building in survival, which is why I put it on this list. Although long, it was very fun to watch ChimneySwift11 build projects in survival, instead of the unlimited creative mode. It added a bit of challenge to it.

He didn’t just stick to vanilla minecraft though. In season 4, which is by far my favorite, he built using tropic raft, making restaurants, treehouses, and other little things. At the same time, he didn’t sacrifice normal survival completely either. He still needed to collect the necessary resources, and he still needed to survive, which made it even more interesting than a creative building video. The Minecraft Files was a unique take on building, and it definitely deserved the number 4 spot, even though it isn’t quite as popular as most other series.

#3: Yoglabs by Yogscast Lewis and Simon

Ah, the Yogscast. Originally just going by the name “BlueXephos”, most consider them to be the people who started the Minecraft craze, or at least, had a hand in it. However, Yoglabs did not focus on the main aspects of Minecraft, instead, it focused on the ever so popular mods. The videos were usually just mod showcases, with a bit of Yogscast style story and humor thrown in. It was a refreshing take on the mod showcase scene, and, really, there isn’t much else to say about it. It’s just a really good series, which had natural humor, and was never over the top.

#2: Crundee Craft by Ssundee

Taking the number 2 spot, we have the ever so odd Crundee Craft. This one is a modded adventure, created by Ssundee himself, where he is basically engaged in a trolling battle against Crainer. I remember watching the first episode. Long story short, I was not impressed. However, what makes this series great is the way that they use the mobs. He’s not fighting stuff all the time, or going through dungeons, he’s fighting using witchcraft and strategy. This is one of the only mod series that didn’t make me want to skip the fighting. It’s a battle of the brains, and this, combined with hilarious trolling hijinks, makes for a fantastic short Minecraft series.

And now, for the obvious #1 spot…

#1: Shadow of Israphel by BlueXephos

Oh boy, I have a lot to talk about this one. Shadow of Israphel was what made me want to play Minecraft in the first place. It started out as just a normal Let’s Play, but as time goes on, the main characters, Xephos and Honeydew, and the viewers start to notice oddities. What follows is an epic journey to catch the pale-faced man, meeting new characters, seeing new places, and progression the storyline. What made it so good, however, was how creative and interesting it was.

There were multiple characters, instead of just one. There wasn’t a singular goal, or a singular enemy. It was an adventure, instead of a strict guideline to Minecraft. It was also largely improvised, leaving a lot of room for quick wit and exploration. For a group of people inexperienced with storytelling, they sure did make an interesting one. The heroes were flawed, the characters had multiple levels of depth, which made me actually care about the characters. In other series, I couldn’t care less about what happens, as long as it’s interesting. However, I don’t want these characters to die. I want them to find out whats going on. I want these characters to succeed. The viewers were treated with respect. I always enjoyed how they weren’t trying to make something that appealed to the younger viewers, but rather, they were mature, letting the audience think about the story, instead of giving them everything on a silver platter. There was no flashy intro, no inside jokes(from what I know of), and very little immature humor.

It made you think, it made you scared, it made you want to know more about these characters. It even had its own music, which, by the way, is actually pretty good. All of their builds were fantastic, especially since they were made in survival mode. It had somewhat of a regular scheduling, with 15-20 minute episodes, each one with a unique part to add to the story. I cannot describe it through text well enough. Unfortunately it seems to have taken a three year hiatus, but it still holds up. And for those who have watched the show and are meaning to ask, yes, it did make me cry at certain points.

That concludes this top 5 list. Don’t agree? Feel free to comment your favorite series below!


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