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Top Five Original Minecraft Songs

Although there’s a slew of popular Minecraft songs, only five really stand out to me. Let’s cut to the chase; here we go, with the top five Original Minecraft songs. Note: Songs that are pop songs are less likely to get on the list. I enjoy pop songs, I really do, but I feel that original music in different genres are much better. However, of course, there are quite a few exceptions. And as with any top five lists, these are just my opinion, so if yours differs, thats okay! This is just for fun :)

Note: None of these songs are created or owned by us. These featured songs are created by their respective owners.


#5: I CAN SWING MY SWORD, by Tobuscus

I have no idea why this one’s on the list. I wasn’t even going to include it, much less put it at #5. There’s not much to it, just him killing stuff with his diamond sword, and bragging about it. However, maybe that’s the appeal of it: Tobuscus’s songs tend to be humorous, loud, and crazy, and this one is no exception. It’s the kind of song to listen to on repeat when you’re bored, and it still holds up to this day.


#4: Cube Land, by Laura Shigihara, animated by Slamacow

Created by PvZ composer, Laura Shigihara, “Cube Land” is an emotional and dark song. A lot of this song’s appeal to me comes from its mystery. Who is the main character? Where is he? Why is he being targeted by Herobrine? These questions are never answered, and yet, it is still a coherent story that is never really said out loud in the song. Subtly, the pieces are put together, and what we are left with is a sorrowful song about a lonely soul, looking to escape.

#3: Take Back the Night, by CaptainSparklez

Starting off the list, we have the music video sequel(To Fallen Kingdom), “Take Back the Night”. What I love about this one is how plot heavy it is. It’s also part of a series of songs, which basically tell a story, when put together. It’s sad, it’s epic, and it’s satisfying. The only reason it’s not any higher on the list is that there are a few that I couldn’t put below this one.

#2: Diggy Diggy Hole, by Yogscast Lewis and Simon

This song is amazing. I’ll say it outright. Inspired by their very, very old song, also called Diggy Diggy Hole (from Shadow of Israphel), this is a fantastic and epic remix of the silly tune that Simon had sung. I have no idea to describe it correctly, because if I tried, it wouldn’t do justice. However, I can say this: this song has the best instrumental AND vocals for any Minecraft song. Period. The animation also is very bouncy, and matches the lyrics very well. Oh and the lyrics. Usually, the lyrics for Minecraft songs are just about Minecraft fame, or killing stuff, but Diggy Diggy Hole has lyrics that can fit in situations outside of Minecraft. Here is a sample:

Born underground,

Grown inside a rocky womb.

The earth is a cradle,

The mountain shall become our tomb.

Face us on the battlefield,

You will meet your doom,

We do not fear what lies beneath,

We can never dig too deep.

The lyrics rhyme very well, and fits the drum beats perfectly. So why is this in second place? Well, there is one that I just couldn’t keep out of first…

#1: From the Ground Up, by Laura Shigihara, animated by Slamacow.

Yes, I’m putting two of Laura Shigihara’s songs on this list. She’s really that good. This is another example of a song that doesn’t fit just Minecraft. Whereas other songs are about hunger games, PvP, griefing, or fighting others, this one is about the fall of glory, the death of two people. It shows that even after all the work that someone might do, it will all come crashing down in time. Every kingdom falls, and every empire is toppled. However, the only thing you can do is keep trying, until you succeed. The lyrics hit hard, and, like Diggy Diggy Hole, the song, combined with the animation, tells a coherent story without any dialogue. The song isn’t about triumph, and the ending isn’t happy. It’s bittersweet, and it fits together perfectly.

This song also reminds me a bit of Lullaby for a Princess, both in the tune, and in the tearjerking moments.(Although From the Ground Up isn’t nearly as emotionally devastating as Lullaby for a Princess) The only difference is in the characters and situation. Both, as I have mentioned before, are bittersweet in the ending(Again, Lullaby for a Princess is more bitter than sweet), and both are fantastic. However, I’m not here to talk about Lullaby for a Princess; I’m here to talk about From the Ground Up, and Laura Shigihara’s song definitely deserves the number one spot.


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