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What is the Ideal Farm?

Wheat farms tend to be the main source of food(bread) for survival players. There are quite a few variables to it, including lighting and irrigation. To be honest, I never really think about efficiency when making a farm in survival. For most people, it’s just to put down a bit of water, till some dirt on the side of it, and plant their wheat. However, recently, I’ve been wondering what would be the “best” farm to make, that would save the most water and materials. And so, I have created a few of the farms designs that I know of, and seeing which one would be best. (I will not be including time, although the crops do have variable times, depending on the conditions.) Obviously, this is not the best experiment, but it might help you a bit with your own farms.


  1. The farm has to be at or smaller than 20×20 blocks.
  2. No melons or pumpkins.

The farms will be graded using this really, really, simple point system:

  1. 1 point for every dirt block in the farm. Farmland that isn’t hydrated doesn’t count.
  2. 100 extra points if the farm has a way of navigating without stepping on the crops.

Let’s start with the first, and most well known farm:


This is the one that most people, including me, use. It’s easy to make, but there isn’t a way to walk through it without squishing some crops every now and then, and it uses quite a bit of water, leaving little room for farmland. Total Points: 200

Maybe we can give a bit more room for dirt?


This is an improvement, with 280 points, but, come on. We can do better. Maybe what we need to do is put in less water? After all, water can hydrate farmland from 4 blocks away.


Hmm.. This might work, except for the fact that the middle is completely dry, and has no access to water. That would give it 324 points. This one is a major improvement, but we can make it even better!


(Please ignore the dying mobs in the background) Okay, I just kind of added a cobblestone path in the middle, but you get the point. This one’s by far, my favorite, because it can be easily expanded, and doesn’t use too much water. By adding a way to access the crops without, you know, crushing them(let’s just pretend that you can access the wheat from that path because, obviously, it’s not the best), it gets an extra 100 points. 424 points so far.

I’m going to stop here, because if I tried to cover all of the farm types, we would be here all day. There are many more ways to create a better farm, including ones that I probably don’t know about. Of course, paths aren’t needed in a farm, because you aren’t going to squash your crops just because you stepped on them(to do so, you need to jump on it). However, this is great to keep in mind when you are creating a farm in your survival world!

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